7 Ways a New Online Experience Can Help Your Brand

What can a new online experience do for my brand?

More like what CAN’T it do, amirite?

In today's digital world, an online experience is a prerequisite for any brand that wants to succeed. These days, people rely on the internet for many of their needs, so it's important to have a strong online presence that not only attracts customers but keeps them coming back for more.

But, much like your favourite gourmet cheese, online experiences have a shelf life. 

Like everything in the digital space, things change. Whether these changes come in the form of customer behaviours or added pressures from new competition, reinventing your online experience allows your brand to adapt and stay fresh in an ever-evolving landscape. 

Before we dive into all the benefits that a new online experience can deliver, here’s a quick refresher.

What Exactly is Online Experience? 

The term ‘online experience’ refers to the overall experience a user has when interacting with a brand or business online. This can include: 

  • Browsing a website
  • Using a mobile app
  • Engaging with social media content
  • Making a purchase online

In essence, an online experience is the digital equivalent of the traditional in-person experience.

Because it encompasses UX (ease of navigation, responsiveness, etc), a positive online experience directly affects customer engagement, loyalty, and ultimately - sales. Conversely, a poor online experience can lead to frustrated customers, negative reviews, or disinterest. 

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The Benefits of Revamping Your Online Experience

Did you know that 74% of consumers are likely to buy based on experiences alone? (Forbes & Arm Treasure Data).

Updating your online experience opens doors to a slew of competitive advantages. Here are a few of them:

Boosts Credibility

Think about this - when you stumble upon an outdated, spammy-lookin’ website, are you inclined to trust the business? 

Nope. Not great for building street cred. 

With more and more people turning to the internet to research products and services before making a purchase, a brand's online experience can make all the difference in whether or not they choose to do business with you. A thoughtfully designed online experience shows that you’re serious about your brand and that you’re dedicated to delivering quality. 

Establishes Brand Personality

Online experience also plays a critical role in helping brands establish a unique personality. Design, tone of voice, and brand story are all important considerations that impact the look and feel of a brand.

By leveraging various design and messaging elements to communicate values, beliefs, and offerings, brands can create a consistent identity across all online touchpoints and build a memorable experience for their audience. 

Generates Leads

A strong online experience can play a significant role in lead generation and increase a brand’s chances of converting visitors. 

Online lead gen strategies can include:

Intuitive Navigation

Ensuring that navigation is easy and intuitive across all platforms allows users to find the information they need quickly and hassle-free.

Valuable Content

Creating valuable and engaging content, such as blog posts, videos, or whitepapers, can help attract visitors and in some instances, encourage them to provide their contact information in exchange for the content. 

Compelling Calls to Action

Strategically incorporating calls to action (CTAs) across your brand’s digital presence can encourage users to sign up for newsletters, free trials, or consultations. 

By providing a clear value proposition and making it easy for users to take action, brands can increase the likelihood of converting visitors into paying customers. 

Pro Tip: By tracking user behaviour and analyzing website data, brands can gain insights into what is working well and make data-driven improvements to further optimize their online experience and lead generation efforts.

Streamlines the Sales Process 

Wanna know a secret? 

A new and improved online experience can actually save you time by optimizing your sales process.

It’s basically like having a super-charged salesperson on staff who never takes a break. 

For business owners, time is a precious commodity that's always in short supply. The good news is that an expertly-designed online experience will automate tasks like lead generation, information sharing, and appointment scheduling. This means that you’ll be able to free up some space to focus on growing your business - or enjoy some well-deserved downtime. 

Connects YOU With Your Audience

Guess what. 

People want to interact with brands they love. 

In fact, according to Sprout Social, a whopping 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them. 

One of the most powerful aspects of an intentional online experience is its ability to connect brands with customers from anywhere at any time. By curating content that resonates with their target audience, companies encourage engagement through likes, comments, and shares. This creates an opportunity for two-way communication, allowing brands to listen to customer feedback, answer questions, and address concerns in real time. 

Businesses that place value in connection are able to leverage their online experience to create a community around their brand and build lasting relationships with their customers.

Expands Reach

Well-performing digital experiences inherently increase a brand’s visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find them. As a result, solid online experiences can help brands reach a wider audience or untapped demographic.

Additionally, online interaction makes it much easier for customers to share their experiences and recommendations with their own networks, potentially leading to organic growth and even further reach for the brand - bonus!

Differentiates You From the Rest

In a highly competitive and crowded marketplace, an effective online experience can set you apart from competitors who are already established online.

If establishing your unique brand identity online seems daunting, keep this in mind:

  • Your competitors may have pretty branding, but that doesn’t mean that their navigation is user-friendly or enjoyable
  • Your competitors may not be investing in valuable content creation  
  • Your competitors may not be actively interacting with your target market
  • Your competitors may not be making their product or service information easily accessible

Online experience is all-encompassing. If your competition is not performing in an area, you have a ripe opportunity to capitalize on it and become a thought leader in your industry. 

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Unleash Your Brand Potential

Today, customers hold all the power in the buying process. 

And, with 86% of consumers reporting that they would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences (Emplifi), it’s more important than ever before to make your brand’s online experience the best that it can be.

By prioritizing their online experiences, brands can reach a wider audience, engage with customers on a more personal level, and build stronger brand loyalty. Additionally, these experiences can help brands stand out in an increasingly competitive digital landscape, as well as showcase their products or services in unique and innovative ways. Brands that choose to optimize their online experiences drive more engagement, increase sales, and ultimately, achieve their business objectives faster. 

So whether you're a small startup or a global enterprise, investing in a new online experience can be a game-changer for your brand.

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