A Crystal Clear Social Media Strategy Designed to Make a Splash

Project Overview

When the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES) joined flippers, err, hands with us through the Branding Buddy Program, they brought with them a wave of potential in the form of Project Sculptshore. And the challenge was clear - Project Sculptshore needed a refined social media strategy and standout templates to enhance its digital presence.

Recognizing the importance of a consistent and memorable brand identity, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey for Project Sculptshore that included:

  • Modernizing their logo to resonate with today's audiences.
  • Developing a fresh palette of fonts and colours that aligns with Project Sculptshore's core values.
  • Integrating the revitalized branding onto a striking truck banner design.
  • Crafting intuitive Canva templates to ensure Project Sculptshore's brand remains consistent across all platforms.

The Result

The transformation was significant, and our efforts were met with positive feedback. Project  Sculptshore now boasts a unified brand identity that not only captures attention but also resonates deeply with its mission. 

Swank is thrilled to be part of the journey in helping this impactful brand make waves!

A Deeper Dive

About FES & The Youth Harbour

The Youth Harbour stands as a pillar of support and collaboration for young climate activists. Their commitment to building climate-resilient communities is evident in their proactive approach, which offers financial, technical, and networking support. 

The Youth Harbour operates under the guidance and vision of the FES, a youth-driven charity dedicated to empowering the next generation to address climate challenges.

About Project Sculptshore

At the heart of this project is Project Sculptshore, a unique initiative aimed at marine conservation and environmental awareness. Thanks to the vision of Eveline Hipson and Elizabeth Wile, a six-meter “fillable” sculpture representing the endangered North Atlantic right whale has been brought to life. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the sculpture serves a higher purpose - traveling across Nova Scotia's coastlines to promote environmental awareness and facilitate shoreline clean-ups.

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