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Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College

What we did

  • Discovery and Internal Stakeholder Survey
  • Website Content Status Report
    • Competitor Analysis & Aspirational Website Analysis
    • User Experience (UX) Audit
    • User Interface (UI) Audit
    • Technical Performance Audit
    • Content Audit
    • Preliminary SEO Assessment 
    • SWOT Analysis
  • Action Plan and Roadmaps
    • Site Mapping and Content Outline
    • Navigational Structure 
    • Content Strategy 
    • Content Implementation Plan


Project Overview:

Bow Valley College, a renowned Canadian community college nestled in the vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta, is dedicated to empowering students with career-centric education. Offering a diverse array of career programs, certificates, diplomas, and adult upgrading programs, Bow Valley College ensures its graduates are primed to excel in their chosen fields from day one. Recognizing the importance of an optimized digital presence, Swank Collective and Sayge Marketing joined forces to revolutionize Bow Valley College's website content strategy. Our mission? To enhance user experience, streamline content delivery, revamp website architecture with a user-centric focus, and craft a tailored experience that seamlessly guides prospective students through the recruitment journey.

Project Details:

Gaining Alignment 

Our journey began with a detailed exploration phase. Crafting a comprehensive discovery survey, we engaged key stakeholders at Bow Valley College to collect essential insights and perspectives. The gathered data was distilled into actionable trends, and a collaborative in-person discovery session further validated our findings, which set the stage for an informed audit process.

Evaluating the Current State

To gain insights into industry standards, we conducted a thorough examination of Bow Valley College's digital presence and competitor websites. The foundation of our Content Audit was a page-level analysis of the current website, where we used Google Analytics data to provide a granular understanding of each page’s performance and identify key trends and content groupings. 

Focusing on key landing pages for prospective students, we evaluated how the current content was performing and how it could be improved. We evaluated navigation systems, design elements, and user interfaces to identify opportunities for enhancing engagement and usability. 

Additionally, a preliminary SEO assessment highlighted areas of improvement in search visibility. By consolidating our findings into a SWOT analysis, we gained a comprehensive understanding of Bow Valley College’s digital story and were able to build a strategic plan for enhancement opportunities.

Crafting a Plan of Action

Our website content strategy and action plan are designed to align with the core objectives of the revamped website. By diving into the unique needs of each audience archetype, we tailored content to facilitate their individual user journeys. We developed a comprehensive website navigation structure and site map to visually illustrate the strategic improvements to the architecture.

We also outlined a detailed plan for updating existing content and creating new pages to maintain consistency and relevance. Accompanying guidelines on voice and tone, SEO optimization, and other considerations provide a framework for cohesive and consistent efforts. To ensure seamless execution, we established a roadmap and action plan to steer the future phases of content development.

We can’t wait to see this strategy in action!

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