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What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX
  • Web Design



  • Cult Collective
  • Swank Collective

Project Overview:

Want in on a little secret? Not only do we love to work with brands and businesses, we also play nicely with other creative agencies. As part of our wider collective, we often take on design and dev projects for agencies looking for fresh ideas, extra capacity, or a specific creative style that they might not have in-house. In this case, our friends at Cult Collective asked our designers to join their creative team to develop a new brand, website, and complete user workflow for a tech start-up named Torc. Torc is a platform built by and for developers. It enables freelance developers to find work and enterprises to hire vetted talent to accelerate their digital products and services. In order to appeal to this type of audience, the UX and brand need to reflect the talent that enterprises expect to hire and the developers expect to deliver. To this end - we created a logo mark that brought to life the Torc (or torque) sentiment: a force that causes an object to accelerate. We were also involved in UX, website design and the onboarding experience.

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